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Restrictions coming


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Restrictions will mainly be ignored this time around.

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The restrictions are necessary. However, giving businesses financial support is essential.

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Restrictions aren't necessary at all. If people are afraid, they should stay home.

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Allow people to choose! This should have been the mantra all along!

By the time the restrictions come in the Omicron wave will be over and the Japanese will have more little T cells to fight any subsequent waves!

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Omicron is not as severe as Delta, so why is the response the same?

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Restrictions will mainly be ignored this time around.


Allow people to choose! This should have been the mantra all along!

You have always been allowed to choose. You won't get tarred and feathered if you go to your local bar.

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what upsets me is that the restrictions fall on recreation only. You can't go to a bar. The gyms close. The dojos are off. Don't travel. Pretty much every recreational activity is closed down so its the same as a Lockdown in west with the exception of one thing...We all STILL have to go to work.

I don't mind a lockdown western style at all. I can work from home and my kids can stay at home. I can spend more time with my family. So yeah lockdown is fine as long as we get some down time. OR just leave everything as it is.

BUT closing the bars restaurants gyms dojos and everything else down WHILE AT THE SAME TIME making people crowd into the trains to go to work is not only giving people here the WORST of both worlds but is also going to make all efforts to curb spread USELESS.

Either let life go on as usual OR implement a PROPER lockdown where students study from home and with the exception of essential workers and others who simply can't, make everyone work from home.

But these quasi measures from this quasi government is for the birds

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No more restrictions!

Enough is enough.

End this now so we can get back making money. Take the new COVID pills or not. Again on each person.

Can not be an emergency all the time. Join the movement! End COVID Now.

Enough 3 years almost into it. I am over it. BIG TIME!

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Michael Machida

Restrictions will mainly be ignored this time around.

Indeed. Having done some informal surveys of street touts and bartenders over the past couple of weeks. No way bars are gonna close unless authorities start welding entrances shut, Chinese style!

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The usual fatuous responses, displaying a complete ignorance of the past two years. Asserting opinions for facts and baseless claims regarding the trajectory of SARSCoV-2. Additionally, advocating behaviors which will inflame the spread of covid. That anyone would claim vaccines are ineffective at this juncture indicates a rather large divorce from reality. Asserting masks do not work is completely febrile and spurious.

As has long been expounded by scientific and medical authorities, SARSCoV-2 is not the flu. In fact, influenza can be inhibited by inoculation and wearing of masks. Both are viruses, beyond that, share no similarities. A cold is a virus, which is meaningless as a comparison, same with influenza. To do so is a cheap ploy.

As for South Africa. It as a population of 60 million. Japan 126 million. Indeed S.A. had severe restrictions in place, which were only eased after numbers had peaked.

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Government has lost credibility in its handling of COVID.

Few hospitalizations or deaths from Omicron, yet it is acting like it's the beginning of the pandemic.

It is long past time to get on with life.

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