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Rice-planting event


Children take part in a rice-planting event at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo on Saturday. This normally annual event, which has not been held for the past two years due to the coronavirus, gathered about 100 local residents and employees from Roppongi Hills.

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The accidental forced perspective looks like attack of 50 foot mom. Cute kids. Admire photographer was willing to get down and dirty.” Many good comments within our Sunday photography circle, all agreeing this to be a winner for Picture of the Day. Please share more good news like this. Thank You.

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Traditional rice planting and, perhaps, the root of Japan's GREAT fondness for back massage machines. There is a scene at the end of 'Shichinin no Samurai' of the entire village out in the tambo all bent and working in unison and singing the kome planting song... Oh what a blessing the rice planting machines must be...

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WB pre industrial and post transition from hunter gathering all farming has been back breaking in one form or another. I have never understood from the perspective of the people of the time why they would want to give up a successful and comparatively easy way of life in favour of a fixed, regulated and physically labour intensive life style?

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As long as it instant rice,I do not care

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ea, Why you ask? Fresh air. Fit bodies and minds. 9-5 desk work is an unhealthy lifestyle, and as a retire educator I know would have hated sitting all day...!

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