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With so many demonstrations and street protests in Japan they must be a very busy squad.

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Getting ready for Halloween in Shibuya?

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And the reason???

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The Metropolitan Police Department's riot squad parades in the outer garden of Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo on Wednesday.

What about moving over to Yasukuni Jinja, there are a lot of scary weirdoes running around in military regalia.

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Could such photos be viewed as more pre-election, media-supported ‘propaganda’ that the current political party in power is 100% in control ??

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Riot control. Is that an oxymoron?

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Now nice is all I can say. They serve to protect us.

A more up-to-date title, rapid reaction force.

Each prefectural police HQ have their own forces.

Total 8,000 sworn members.

Their pay is at the same grades as other police officers.

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According to the NPA’s own literature, the role of “Riot Police” in Japan is defined as follows:

“D. The Riot Police Unit Operations (1) Activities of the Riot Police Unit

The Riot Police Unit is the core of security forces for crisis management. They carry out activities such as maintenance of public order against illegal mass activities, protection of critical public facilities and crowd control at large events or festivals.

(2) Functions of the Riot Police Unit and Other Units

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and each prefectural police force have their own Riot Police Unit for quick response to emergency situations. The Riot Police Unit includes various specialized squads such as the anti-firearms squad, counter-NBC terrorism squad, explosive ordnance disposal squad, nuclear special guard unit, rescue squad and water rescue squad. Eight prefectural police headquarters have their respective Special Assault Teams (SAT) specially trained to deal with hijackings and hostage crises. “ -


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Agreed: The officers featured in the photograph are neither properly attired nor properly equipped for disaster rescue norwater rescue”.  

They are equipped with helmets, visors, chin guards, vests, gauntlets, gloves, knee pads, shin guards and plexiglass shields (with the exception of the standard/flag bearer).

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Regarding an earlier observation & question: “Quite odd that @zichi’s entirely “on-topic” post and history of the last major riot in Japan has been removed ? - Wouldn’t most readers believe it ‘relevant. -

*@zichi**: “… the last riot in Japan was 21 Oct 1968 …” [paraphrased]*

Q: May we ask “Why??” A: “Moderator: Riot police are not used just to stop riots.”

And thus, negates one account of one previous historical use given the present context of how they are depicted here, in Today’s “*Picture of the Day” *?

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Do any of you have something better to do than marching up and down? Yes sir I am practicing the piano.

“practicing the piano?” Ok off you go.

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Do any of you have something better to do than marching up and down? Yes sir I am practicing the piano.

Extra points for arcane Monty Python reference.

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One guy is taller than the others.

What is he doing there?

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They serve to protect us.

Mostly, they serve to protect the government of the day and vested interests.

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Their training not much more than the pay. Betting off duty time spent marching. Thinking a single petrol bottle would cause absolute confusion. The best thing is they are not needed to react to anything. A bear in a shopping mall, they call geriatric hunters not these young bucks.

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Obviously, the current photo depicts this squad in preparation for encountering a certain type of activity?

Can any other readers assist ?? - Don’t want to make the wrong assumption as to ‘what kind’ of activity from the editors’ captioning and accompanying text:

“Picture Of The Day: “Riot patrol” Today 6:15am Caption: “The Metropolitan Police Department's riot squad parades in the outer garden of Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo on Wednesday.” © Kyodo -

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oh! - Ok, then. Something ‘obvious’: “This squad of the Japanese “Riot patrol” on parade in the photo looks adequately attired & equipped to confront a riot, should one arise.”

Can’t recall in my lifetime but . . . has there ever been riots in modern Japan?

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Are they doing the Macarena?

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