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A visitor looks at rubber weapons at the Security & Safety Trade Expo 2008 (RISCON) being held at Tokyo Big Sight Wednesday. In the two-day exhibition that starts Thursday, 314 exhibitors are showing their latest security-related products and technology at 800 booths until Friday. Special affiliated exhibitions, the “Special Equipment & Conference for Anti-Terrorism '08” (SEECAT) and “Asbestos Removal Environment Exhibition '08" (ASBEX), will also be held at the same venue.

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Holding one of those the wrong way at night in many countries is enough to get yourself shot on suspicion. Rather surprised that they would be allowed to sell them here. More toys for the weekend warriors, or the Self-Defence Forces.....

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Those rubber weapons are probably to be used for training to disarm an opponent. Well, that's the one probable use I can see there.

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Takes me back to the gun shows me old man used to take me to when I was young. Except those were real guns ;P

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Holding one of those the wrong way at night in many countries is enough to get yourself shot on suspicion. Rather surprised that they would be allowed to sell them here.

Maybe it has something to do with Japan not being "one of those countries"? I could not be happier to live in a country so gun free that realistic looking toys are widely available. --Cirroc

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I wish this pic would show the really cool toys from the asbestos removal environmental exhibition.

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"rubber weapons" ???????????

Huh! "rubber", as in "made from rubber" (the same stuff as tires). What possible purpose could a "rubber" gun have. Japan is awash in disconcertingly well made plastic weapons, viss lasser sighting.

Why would anyone buy an inert lump of "rubber" fashioned into a weapon shape???

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I agee with Sebarashii for some years ago the RCMP phoned me to ask for permission to use not only the range but also in indoor shooting section, for some training on specific two days.

I agreed & then they asked if I possibly had a rubber knife they could borrow only to say NO. Also being at night I knew it as training in stopping a car, to physical training during those hours & two days.

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If you look at the official site http://www.kikikanri.biz/english/list.html you'll find it's actually about disater management.

Even Cisco has a booth, and Gore-tex. I'm not wasting my time checking out all of them though, looks truly boring and I have no time to waste!

Trust JT to find a truly weird pic that does nothing to portray the real purpose of the show! What will people do with these rubber weapons anyway? Hit looters on the head with them?

PM; Major quake? Tokyo flattened? Panic? Chuck a few rubber hand grenades! That not working? Deploy the rubber nukes!


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New Japanese police issue perhaps? Can't shoot yourself in the foot that way (or at least it would be with a rubber bullet!)

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"rubber weapons"

Are they lethal?

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Perhaps in the future all wars could be fought with rubber weapons.

It would make war more of a sport and less of a tragedy, and also level the playing field somewhat.

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I'd conclude the rubber weapons are for display purposes due to security issues of displaying real weapons. I wonder if the police are gonna be there scanning for freaks! This would be the perfect opportunity to build up a database of potential trouble makers and gang members, but the police will be to busy patrolling the carparks for the real crime of, unregistered bicycles!

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