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Robot caregiver


Tokyo University of Science members demonstrate a new nursing care robot in Tokyo on Wednesday.

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Now this is the kind of Robot that we will need and not the realistic sexy looking female robots

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It would depend on the definition of a 'nursing care' robot.

From my perspective? The thing looks like it will toughen your nipples up.

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Please people learn the difference between robot and mechanical assistance/exoskeleton... and I suppose I have to say it mobile armors....

A robot... this is not.

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Nothing against robots (actually those are quite interesting technological advances). But the real reason is at the edge for those kind of robots: the "elites" of this country believe it is better to invest in robots that to allow any immigration of nursing and medical personal.

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the real reason why Japan is at the edge (please provide a post editing function!)

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That's a fancy pair of Crocs.

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A Robot in Crocs? first step on the slippery slope to Terminator

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It looks like it might not be an exoskeleton for walking.

More like for lifting people in and out of bed. Something like an engine hoist.

But even little bitty nurses learn techniques for leveraging big patients.

Is it going to dip him in the bath? Change his diapers?

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Never a fan of too much technology invading our everyday lives, but I completely support this kind of tech that can make those who need help, live a little easier.

And kudos to the students who pursue these advancements and not those who find new ways to keep healthy people off their feet and realizing the future shown in Pixar's Wall-E.

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