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Johnny Depp, left, and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry pose on the red carpet at the 2016 Classic Rock Roll of Honor awards at Ryogoku Kokugikan Hall in Tokyo on Friday night. Other attendees included Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, heavy metal band X Japan co-founder Yoshiki Hayashi and guitarist Jeff Beck, who was presented with The Icon award. The event, which began in 2005, was being held in Japan for the first time.

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Johnny Depp's not a rocker. Joe Perry, yes. Bad headline.

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Johnny Depp's not a rocker.

It's not what he's famous for, but he is a rocker: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood_Vampires_(band)

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Imagine how detached from reality you would have to be to dress like that at their ages.

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Imagine how detached from reality you would have to be to dress like that at their ages.

I guarantee their reality is a lot different from yours.

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Yes, they make their own reality. But I often wonder why old rockers feel the need to become parodies of their younger selfs. It would be far more interesting if they showed signs of growth, along the lines of Robert Plant, for example.

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The comments on fashion are interesting. I do think Leonard Cohen is an interesting contrast in fashion. Or was, RIP.

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FT Cosplay rockers i.e sunnies on at all times, leather, jewellery & accessories and the now compulsory fake tan. That's how older rockers rock and brand themselves in 2016.

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Blimey, the things you see when you don't have your gun.

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Man these comments. Instead of old people telling young people to dress respectfully, now young people are telling old people how to dress!

Isn't the whole point to express yourself and to be who you are and not dress like everyone else? Get your freak on!

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Detached from reality? undoubtedly so, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is still convinced he has hold of a bottle Vodka, bless him.......

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Depp looks like a Christmas tree with all those ornaments hanging from him

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Yep, Depp is still in character, both won't look down because they're frightened to give away the spot Captain Barbossa hid the cursed Aztec Gold........Perry: "Oi Sparrow hold out yer glass I found the gold" ......

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Don't think it's a generational thing naturalclown. It's about ppl and in this case 'stars' paying far too much importance to their look, whether they or we are 20yo, 44yo or 76yo is imo irrelevant.

Just find that hypocritical when ppl mock Bieber, Gaga or black youths wearing their pants down yet find Depp and Perry 'cool'. Imo they all share the same reasoning: 'about to go out so better look cool!' I and many others like clothes, just not to this extent.

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They are clearly enjoying themselves, I just wonder that Johnny Depp in an instance of confusion throws every accessory he can lay his hands on in an attempt to be everything dative neuter singular of efficiendus without brushing his teeth.....

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You Johnny Depp is not a wax version

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Johnny Depp is not a wax version

Getting harder to tell these days.

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