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Roppongi reminder


A reminder for drinkers to not drink alcohol on the streets in Tokyo's Roppongi district.

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Why is Roppongi singled out ? I am often there and don't see many people drinking on the street where as Shibuya has many people doing that.

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Yes, and drunks reads and heeds these signs when intoxicated.

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Hmmm. I know that place. That sign is right nearby where I would I sometimes have a can (with famichiki). Somehow I think bar owners are behind this.

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Are these legal rules or mere 'manners?'

What powers do those requesting 'compliance' have?

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It's just your chounaikai, crusty jiji group trying to browbeat residents into compliance with a vaguely worded declaration that tricks people into thinking it's actual law

I wonder why people are against a group of people just trying to get others to keep their streets clean.

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I really don't see any harm in this. Although I agree the Japanese tend to use the word ルールfor laws and ordinances as well mannerly conduct creating some confusion.

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Why is the garbage collection system so crippled down?

Put some garbage cans on the streets like every other first world country.

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This "rule" is probably promoted by bar operators.

No outside drinking. No cheap bevvies from vending machines or convenience stores. You must come in and pay our prices.

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