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Royal exercise


Princess Aiko (2nd R) performs group gymnastics with fellow students at the Gakushuin elementary school athletic festival in Tokyo on Saturday. Her parents, Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, attended the festival.

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What are they forming, a bridge?

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And they attended wearing their formal suit wear...why can't they not be more casual like the young British royals. Wearing skinny jeans and espadrilles would be more appropriate for such events. Don't they know the difference of sports event and visiting dignitaries?

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Parents at the local elementary school my son goes to are so anal about "privacy" and having photos of their kids put up on the school website... I wonder what these gakushuin parents think about it all?

Anyway, I hope Aiko had a good day and the press wasn't too intruding. The media shouldn't really be there at all in my opinion. It's a private school event.

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As a gym rat I would like to add that Japanese stretch too much! I go to the gym. do about 30 seconcds of stretching on the muscles I will use that day, and then lift. Stretching is MORE important AFTER working out. I see people come in and stretch for 30 minutes. You are actually using up your ATP energy this way and weakinging your muscles. Stretching is more effective and will prevent tightness and injuries if your strech AFTER you work. Of you course you dont work with cold muscles, that is what a simple 5 minute jog, bike ride, or any warm up is for. You are not using up ATP but increasing your body temp which is perfectly fine for warming up those muscles. and by the way. swinging you arms as an attempt to "loosen up" DOES NOTHING. and shooting your shoulders back to "loosen up" DOES NOTHING.

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inakaRob> Thanks for the completely random post about bodybuilding!

Meanwhile. Nice photo, great to see Princess Aiko growing up over the years.

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inakaRob, post for a different article, maybe?

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Saw this on NHK. It looks like something from the 1930s, an "athletics festival" building human pyramids, feats of strength, etc.

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@papa" Gakushuin is a private school, not a local school. Students consist of children of royal related families, former noble status families, and extremely super wealthy families. These people are not used to wear jeans. I'd bet British Queen never wore skinny jeans to go to any meetings.l,

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@ toshiko,

I know, which is why I expected the parents at gakushuin would be even more anal about privacy than there mere public school (where everybody is a nobody) where my son goes. But thanks for the comment. : )

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papasmurdf:: Gakushuin keep privacy very well from snooping media reporters who hang at its gates. However, students can guess one of their classmates might be a candidate of arranged marriage to royal or someone. Teachers instruct not to talk with media. When current Emperor fell in love with his Empress at a Tennis Court, reporters were all over in her family mansions and we read rumors and found later Emperor (Showa) pushed for their marriage. We used to joke only Crown Prince marry with love in Japan. Parents and their chauffeurs are careful to drop their children art the gate, Gakushuin iis careful to keep children's privacy. that is why parents do not worry if one camera man take a picture.
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Interesting. Thanks for the information. : )

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