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Royal garden party


Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko lead imperial family members as they arrive at the annual autumn garden party in Tokyo on Thursday. About 2,100 people were invited to the party. Crown Princess Masako did not attend.

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Poor Masako. I wonder if Prince Naruhito feels guilty for leading her into this sad Japanese royal circle. I would feel so, if my loved one would suffer that much, because she could not be herself anymore.

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I guess the dinner with the Dutch king last week was too exhausting for Masako. Back to her prison.

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Who were the 2,100 invited, and why they were invited?. That's something no one ever asks in Japan.

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Crown Princess Masako did not attend.

And in other news, the sun rose today.

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That's something no one ever asks in Japan.

In a real news article rather than a caption, the more important or newsworthy people are mentioned. No need to list all 2100 in a caption, however.

Usually people who have done something significant during the year are invited. For example, the Japanese who won the Nobel Prize, that tennis player Nishikori (?) and politicians who did diddly-squat but have some power. One year I believe the Japan women's softball team was invited because they won the silver in an Olympics. No big secret, really.

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I've read "Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne". Why Michiko doesn't support her???? So cold.

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