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Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito, right, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel arrive at a gala dinner organized on the eve of the abdication of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the inauguration of her successor King Willem-Alexander at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on Monday night. Crown Princess Masako did not attend in order to rest up for Tuesday's coronation.

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...er....its not a "Coronation". The Dutch don't do coronations. It was an Investiture. I wish the mass media would leace Princess Masako alone to recover from the bullying she got from the Imperial Household over many years.

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Can you say "third wheel?"

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What a handsome couple! She looks lovely. It's a shame Princess Masako isn't in the picture - I hope she's doing ok, but judging by the lack of outings, I have to doubt it.

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Looks like Victoria got over her anorexia.....looks like here Swedish meatball intake is back to normal......good for her.

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They really love their monarchs here in Holland. BIG holiday today.....the highways are pretty much deserted, lots of shops closed. I checked my mailbox for my invitation to the palace but they must have forgotten. Anyway, everyone is going to party until the wee hours. They are expecting 2 million people to go to Amsterdam today.

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Erik Johansson

You are totally wrong, recent studies done by SCB concludes that the support for the royal family is rising and the support for Crown Princess Victoria is higher then the King and Queen ever have had.

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a Royal red carpet

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Support for the monarchy is on a decline in Sweden and I doubt it will survive for more than 50-100 years. I suspect getting rid of it is no easy process, though.

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Needs a caption: "Hello, good evening and thank you for your tax-servitude". "Allow us to spend your hard earned tax dollars and provide a reminder of all the things you cannot have" . " Bow now please and call me a fawning name".

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Prince Daniel's bow tie is all crooked. I mean I know he is one of us commoners, but that's no excuse for looking like a bum.

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She does nothing while her husband's poor old parents do all the work.

Really? So you are saying the Emperor and Empress are attending too? I thought it was the Prince and Princess alone? Interesting...

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More Imperial Prison Agency BS.

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They are afraid she will bolt!

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Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. What do they contribute to society?

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Where's Masako?

It was known Masako would skip it even before she left Japan. I think it may have been wrongly reported here that she would attend though. She's only there to visit her parents and vacation. She does nothing while her husband's poor old parents do all the work.

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Very strange indeed... she must either be really, really sick, or the IHA is doing a great job keeping her on a short leash.

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Where's Masako? They make this big deal about her making her first official overseas trip in 11 years, put her on the plane and then she skips the banquet. Poor dear. It'll be tough on her to sit through the coronation, I'm sure.

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