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Buck Palace is next for a state visit with the queen.

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So, I guess it went bad ? Trump looks super angry here.

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Never seen four people look so out of place together. The stylists certainly didn't collaborate on this shoot !

Mrs Trump looks like something from a desert menu.

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The individual stylists don't huddle up before these shoots.

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Looks like someone spilled orange paint (white paint?) on Mrs. Trump.

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Love the Emperor and Empress. The dump's orange hair dye was used to create the design on melania's dress!!!!

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Great pic of all four. Japan is a beautiful country with gracious people. Very proud and honored our President and First Lady were able to visit the Emperor and Empress.

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Very nice picture!

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I've been thinking that Melania's orange/white raincoat/dress is a mistake. Makes her look huge. Her other outfits have been much more complementary. Such is my contribution to a pleasantly rainy evening. Sayonara Trump.

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So, I guess it went bad ? Trump looks super angry here.

I think, like the little boy told to 'sit here for the present', he's narked that he never got no present.

Did anyone else get the impression, before Trump arrived in Japan, that he thought he was going to be guest of honour at the actual abdication/coronation ceremonies?

*With all the countries of the world, I am the guest of honor at *the biggest event that they've had in over 200 years

The emperor meeting foreign guests is not the biggest event in over 200 years.

A royal banquet is not the biggest event in over 200 years.

Attending a Sumo tournament, even worth a new made-up cup, is not the biggest event in over 200 years.

I think Donny boy got the wrong end of the stick. That would nark him.

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