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World Rugby advises teams to cover up tattoos at 2019 World Cup in Japan

No need to cover up tatoos, that's part of Maoi culture.

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Nice to see you out and about with your tattoos sir.

There are many Japanese who aren’t going to be caring about that too.

People need to lighten up instead of deliberately looking for things to get hung up on. You gotta be quite ignorant to be literally associating every tattooed person you see as being your local yakuza especially if they are 6’3 and from New Zealand.

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No need to cover up tatoos, that's part of Maoi culture.

Exactly! If they go to New Zealand, especially at a Maori meeting, you will see tattoos. That's who they are and to be respected.

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For the record, Vaea Fifita -the bloke in the 2nd pic- isn't a Maori. (Tongan, moved to nz as a teen).

Re tattoos at J's rwc, i don't think ppl should have to cover up 'depending on their culture'. Most, if not all, ethnic groups have tattooing in their culture, anyway.

On the topic, Israel Folau had this to say - a couple of days ago: “I’m happy to cover up the tattoos in respect of the people here and the culture. I love the Japanese culture and the people here, they’re amazing and always embracing, and not wanting to hinder that and I’m happy to do everything I can and if that’s covering tattoos, I’m happy to do that.”

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hell yeah, mullets are back!

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That's really good of them to spend time with the kids. I'm sure it made the kid's day.

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To require the covering up of tattoos is irrational, even in Japan tattoos haen’t Always been associated with Yakuza. Why should a bunch of criminals be allowed to determine what personal decoration an individual chooses?

Maoris have their culture of which they are proud just as much as the Japanese, and as a good host Japan should recognise and accept this (and that is from someone who personally can’t stand tattoos).

Glad to see girls being encouraged to get involved in rugby and not just the boys.

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Half of this tattoo conundrum has come about from the onsen dilemma.As the All Blacks will play in Oita (Beppu) , the need to remind foreigners to be aware on bathing regulations has hit feverish proportions.. show your ink people and be proud...just not when your naked..

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And why is everyone referring to Maori culture in respect to tattoos , all indigenous groups, ethnic minorities and majorities have tattoos..Mullets too! Just let people suck it up and enjoy themselves next year!

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I thought tattooing was a part of Japanese culture, not just yakusa either. I thought it was an art form expression there. Maybe I'm wrong.

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Chico3Oct. 27 04:41 pm JSTThat's really good of them to spend time with the kids. I'm sure it made the kid's day.

I agree. Seeing and meeting people from different lands is good for children. Makes them more well rounded.

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