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Rugby World Cup 2019 mascots


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Good luck selling any of the merchandise to any real rugby fan.

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What the deuce?  Ren-G???  And rugby has "core values"????

I want to go to Japan World Cup and will just have to close my eyes to all of the silliness surrounding it.

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five core values of rugby 

I think these need a little explanation.

Integrity: when you get caught trying pull the other guy's ear off, don't pretend you're innocent.

Passion: when singing obscene songs on the bus, make sure the whole world can hear you.

Solidarity: if one guy in the team wants to dress in ladies underwear for the local town festival, then everyone does it.

Discipline: related to solidarity.

Respect: if a guy in the other team rips your ear off without getting caught, don't complain to the ref. (Just be sure the other guy limps off the field later.)

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I'll hazard a guess that as there are a pair we will have to add "kun" and "chan"

which is which? Or is it obvious?

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No, just no.......

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OMG ..WTF???? next there will be a girlie group called nice ruck !

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