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Ryo Ishikawa


Ryo Ishikawa, 17, of Japan and his caddie are watched by Japanese media prior to the start of the Northern Trust Open golf tournament in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles on Thursday. It is Ishikawa's debut on the U.S. PGA Tour.

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[Thinks] "Does my butt look big in these yellow slacks?"

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His yolk is showing...

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My obasan colleague has been talking about him the whole morning....

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When is the stupid short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt "fashion" going to end?

timorborder at 10:08 AM JST - 20th February . . .Can't golfers at least get some fashion sense?

It is much better than it used to be. At least you don't see any jackass plaids anymore. Some of the guys on tour are well-dressed, though I must say that Tiger Woods is guilty of the same look.

This guy looks like he's got some variation on the rodeo-rider/truck driver belt buckle going as well.

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It looks like his caddy is reading manga.

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cadmium : no he's actually drawing one on a golf super hero. Must be so exciting !

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cadmium at 11:40 AM JST - 20th February It looks like his caddy is reading manga.

Nope. He's studying the course layout. The pros, players you would think should be above such help, are allowed to go out and meticulously document the course down to the last sprinkler head prior to a tournament. They want to know within a yard or so of where every shot should be placed.

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he looks good in every color he wear...i enjoy watching him and i hope to win him at Masters...good luck to you Ryo!!!!!i suppport you always and i know you can make it....

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