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Safety upgrades at Hamaoka plant


A worker stands on the top floor of the No. 5 reactor building at Chubu Electric Power Co's Hamaoka nuclear power plant in Omaezaki, Shizuoka Prefecture. Chubu Electric is spending at least 150 billion yen on safety upgrades to reduce the risk of a repetition of the disaster that hit Tokyo Electric's Fukushima plant in 2011.

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Spending money on a plant that is located at almost the exact center of the projected Tokai quake, where a number of faults meet, strikes me as just a bit odd... The only money I'd like to see folks spend on this plant is the money to shut it down.

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A big earthquake is not to be made light of!

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A big earthquake is not to be made light of!

A big earthquake is expected. We should plan for it.

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His suit is actually dark grey. It's just the radiation that's making it look a glowing yellow.

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Big earthquakes are natural. They cause massive damage, but people get over them.

Placing a reactor with the potential to generate unstoppable poison for thousands of years on top of a big earthquake is unnatural.

With Hamaoka we are throwing good money into a bad idea.

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I truly appreaciate all the workers tackling the problem.

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Hamaoka is extremeley dangerous and should be decommissioned immediately. It is on an active fault line on the projected site of Japan's next catastrophe. I understand that the government and the power companies are in bed with each other, but this is the one plant that should never be re-opened. There is no way I would choose to live within 100 kms of Hamaoka, and no salary I could be offered that would get me to live there with my children.

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(photo) I guess he's the canary?

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In all fairness to these companies, the government should clarify if they will ever allow restart here and avoid wasting such a large amount of money on such upgrades. That is just wasteful.

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People are too scared of nuclear power. So far nuclear plants are the most ecological resource of energy (it produces only steam), of course there is radioactive waste but you can just dump it on the shores of poor African countries so there is no problem for the local environment.

Also, the worst catastrophe of a nuclear plant in Chernobyl happened because people intentionally turned off all of the security systems to squeeze as much electricity from it as possible. And I don't think anyone is going to repeat such a risky experiment any time soon.

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Even if they never switch Hamaoka on again, it will need to be protected throughout the decommissioning phase, so these safety improvements are better late than never.

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Yeah, looks pretty safe to me, too! That's what I wear to work every day (for the month I am allowed) after all.

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There are five reactors at the plant. 1&2 were shut down in 2009 for decommissioning. Last year they damage the No5 ABWR reactor by pumping sea water into it. It has to be rebuilt before being abled to be used.

CHUBU are spending ¥200 billion building that massive sea wall. Now needs to spend at least a further ¥150 billion to update the plant to meet the new safety standards.

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Come on people, we already made the reactors, lets at least use them, the new safety measures will prevent Hydrogen build-up. So the Decomission is the same thing.

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nuclear power is so cheap and clean..... some say, but they're really just one big money pit scam

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Japan just cannot afford another nuclear accident, simply because Fukushima is consuming all the available nuclear meat!

Asahi Shimbun: "Tokyo Electric Power Co., the utility that runs the Fukushima No. 1 plant that melted down in March 2011 after being hit by a tsunami, is finding that it can barely meet the headcount of workers required to keep the three broken reactors cool while fighting power outages and leaks of tons of radiated water, said current and former nuclear plant workers and others familiar with the situation at Fukushima."

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Strike a pose.

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