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The 109 department stores are using this poster (seen here advertising the Machida store) to entice shoppers with their year-end and New Year sales.

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Impressive picture regardless of it's impact on business motives.

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She is skinny. I can already see bones of her legs and shoulders...

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She is young, attractive, and young, which I am sure is appealing to many Japanese consumers, both male and female, with an emphasis on the males.

Way too young for my likes, I also prefer a little meat on the bones.

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Beautiful model she is. I've just wondered though why Japanese and Asians always plaster foreign models all over the covers and billboards. Much of the time on any ad, you'll see a foreign based model. I know this makes the product sell for sure since Japanese and Asians are very much attracted to these foreign models presenting the product.

Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate the beauty of all races and people and the lady in the pic above is beautiful with lovely legs and pink shoes.

It's just that I see so many gorgeous and beautiful Japanese woman with the natural black hair and looks here, I think they don't get a fair shake. They need to focus on that a bit more.

Happy holidays!

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How does this entice anyone to shop? Who is the target? I thought Japanese women like to shop more than their male counterparts...

My guess is that some genius male marketing guru thought this up, certainly not a women.

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Too young, too skinny.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

CVHuanDEC. 27, 2011 - 07:05AM JST She is skinny. I can already see bones of her legs and shoulders...

Honey, she's not skinny. She's photoshopped.

2 ( +4 / -2 )

Her legs are definitely photoshopped to look longer (and a horribly bad job as well) - the area above her right knee looks like made of wood, with too much of the round curves cut away... They should not allow their interns do the photoshop job - the person editing this photograph seems like he/she never saw a real woman's leg...

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Ah, white stockings - natsukashii.

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She's far to skinny and looks pissed off. Why would that be inviting? I could think of a thousand other images that would be far more inviting.

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I am a photoshop pro. Her far leg really got messed up. Going to send this image to messed up photoshop.com

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Using sex to sell how novel of them.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

well,why didnt they do a job on her breasts ? my grannie's don't sag that low..

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This ad makes me want to shop for a deli sandwich, PDQ!

The best photoshop work is when a photo looks natural, and clean.

This work has made it all about photoshop, instead of the model.

Much of the time on any ad, you'll see a foreign based model.

A lot less than in the past...

Foreign models still work here, but the high-end work seems to go to celebrities; both western, and Japanese...

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Funny how they use a white model, rather than a Japanese.

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Being in Japan I would much rather see a Japanese girl on that poster. Japan, just as many countries, has an abundance of beautiful women - it's a pity that they aren't used more in advertising far more often.

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I like her expression.

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Whats up with the legs? they are super massive! Looks like a horse?

Imagine if she stood up with those legs she wouldn't fit on a Japanese train

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I wouldn't say her legs are super massive. I would say they are long!

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Looks like they used the puppet effect on the legs from photoshop cs5, but did not follow the tutorial correctly.

The eraser tool did a number on her right leg. I wonder why they did not use the quick select tool and Q Mask.

And her legs are floating in the air. I definitely want to hire this ad company. They are pros.

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It is really depressing that somebody got paid big time (judging by the poster's size) for this half-a$$ed job... I'm sure I can do better...

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Meh looks like a boy

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I WAS going to say it's an impressive ad, though I don't agree with nor like the content (visually it's quite stunning at first glance, young lady aside), until I saw the 'photoshop' contents and looked a little more carefully. At second glance I thought it might be the backlighting that made her legs look a bit odd, but with the right leg there's no mistaking someone screwed it up. Now that's ALL I can see.

Anyway, I'm not sure what the message is. Maybe, "Let's pole dance in 2012. A Happy New Year!"?

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They should have removed the right red pump, and blended the knees together and it would have been a really big hit.

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take the pic from a different angle would have been nicer..........

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awww, why couldn't she be Japanese?!

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Is the hat bolted to her head?

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Is the hat bolted to her head?

No, the hat's a part of the building ... the girl's and the camera's positions are just great that it looks like the hat's on the girl's head @.@

I think this is the cultural difference part ... foreigners appreciate Japanese beauty, and the Japanese prefers to use blondes.

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