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Salvation Army


Members of the Salvation Army appeal for donations outside Matsuya department store in Ginza on Wednesday.

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They do good work. It's been said that a higher portion of donations to SA reach the needy than any other charitable cause.

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If I didn't read Japanese, and due to the timing, I would have thought these guys (and Gal) were taking donations for NKorea. Why the somber looks and funeral looking clothes?

But yes, as Virtuoso states, the SA does outstanding work for the needy. Hat's off to them!

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They need a bell :)

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I agree they are very nice people and do good work :) Guess I should go online and give them a donation. This year has been difficult for so many people while my family and me prosper. So it is time I give back to my community.

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Whilst I disagree with many of their ideas and views, I respect the Salvos. These three in the pic, for example, may well be reformed alcoholics - the Salvos do some great work in helping those with addiction problems and the homeless. In many cases more successfully than governments.

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You should have heard the SA trumpet player at Shinjuku Station. It was pathetic. But I gave them money for music lessons.

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Salvation Army very nice people. Used to live in Niagara Fall back in 1989 and had a very broke Christmas. I remember very well we went to the Salvation Army church and all the people we so nice, it turned out we had the best Christmas dinner ever and I still don't forget it. Everywhere I met members of SA, they do very good deeds. It looks very cold in that picture, I hope they received a lot of donations to help the needy.

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I agree with paulinusa. They need to lighten up. Drop that uniform and change it to blue jeans and t shirts. As gogogo said, they need a "BELL".

Here in US, kids, adults, old, young, male, female , everyone wanst to chip in to do this job. It is an honor to do it. During the holiday season, my pockets are filled with changes to go shopping as I try to drop some changes in the pot. As southsakai said, Salvaton Army always does a good job in serving excellent warm Christmas meal to poor. Good people, good smile, good spirit, I am delighted to see them in Japan.

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Signs of the holiday. In my city, the Salvation Army workers do not wear their uniforms and they do not play music. This photo brought back memories. Thanks for posting.

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Yuri san, you can drive up to your local Salvation Army and donate your clothing, furniture, canned goods, anything you do not use for donations. I do this periodically.. I feel good, they feel good, and people who are in need feel good. This is a win/win/win situation.

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They need to lighten up a little.

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Salvation Army... another organization started by Christians just like the Red Cross... keep up the good work!! .. keep helping the poor and needy!

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Sallys have alot to be glum about you can see it in their faces.

Id feel glum too standing around dressed like that holding a sign like that.

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