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Tourists walk on Tottori Prefecture's famous sand dunes which stretch for 16 kilometers along the Sea of Japan coast. Camel rides are also a popular way to experience the 2-km-wide dunes.

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It's amazing that on this small stretch of land that is Japan, it literally has EVERYTHING. From snowy mountains up north to the beautiful beaches in the south and even a small desert in the middle.

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As well as the beautiful blue sea and white sands I forgot to mention the "desert" ! It's spectacular ! As well as camels, they also have horses to ride and I was allowed to ride one "alone" with my small son. The horse knows his "route" and refused to gallop on the way over but after stopping at a "view spot" he obligingly galloped back to the starting point ! Tottori "20 seki" pears as well as crab-meat are delicious !

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Watch 'The Woman in the Dunes', or Suna no Onna to see these dunes used to great effect in cinema.

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Wow, did not know such a place existed in Japan, amazing.

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