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If you are aiming your protest at Japan, then put the signs in Japanese. Otherwise you let your cat out of the bag you aim your protests for international media attention. Also you might want to remove the labor union you are members of from the bottom.

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If it is that clean drink the darn water, connect the tanks to the dams, build artificial lakes, options are endless. But you can't, can you?

The media in Japan should stop saying the water is treated. It isn't. Even Jgov and TEPCO admitted that. The inferior Hitachi ALPS equipment failed to completely remove dangerous isotopes other than tritium. Japan insisted on developing homegrown equipments due to mythical superiority despite no experience in this field, and rejected US equipments. Now you pay the consequences.

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I agree with not dumping this radioactive waste in the ocean, but if someone seriously wants to help save the seas, they should stop eating fish.

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What a great spontaneous protest!

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They should stop dumping their own treated water first.

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Water released from a nuclear plant isn't treated first. It's just released.

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About the photo, you can see the blatant attempt to try to instill anti-Japan sentiment internationally by the English signs and one saying "No country for Japanese seafood". They're disgusing this attack against the Japanese fishing industry using the water dumping as a cover.

Another feeble attempt by South Korea to sway opinion outside its borders.

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Water used to cool reactors is treated to remove tritium, cesssium and other chemicals before being discharged. Not that I'd want a glass of it.

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Impermeable membrane of spent nuclear fuel pool has had a big hole which South Korea did not realize for as long as 8 years up until recently and that plant kept up and running all those years and kept discharging whatever water, not to mention.

So what is South Korea complaining again?

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The question remains, if not released into the sea, what else can you do with all this water in those storage tanks?

Earlier or later it will be released into the sea, I do not see any other possibility...

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South Korea has 23 nuclear reactors that all release water with about the same concentration of tritium as the stored Fukushima water.

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SK has nothing better to do than whine all the time.

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If you are aiming your protest at Japan, then put the signs in Japanese.

Its done in English for a Purpose. Not the Japanese Audience.

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