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Saving the deer


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The only thing she's swept up are pine needles, not plastic. It's the same where I live, no sooner has a leaf hit the ground than someone is sweeping it up. It's a pity as I love the sight of leaves on the ground.

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Too many deers dying from eating plastics and others from being hit by cars. Can the deer get coronavirus?

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Not an issue anymore. Tourists are no more. You got what you wanted!

Coronavirus is a blessing in disguise and may have saved the them. Although, it could he out of the fire, into the frying pan....

Test the deer!

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Wild deer? In Nara Park? That's a laugh. The deer in the park are completely habituated to humans.

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More propaganda, so they get with "lets, ban plastic bags program " soon here in the U.S. will have to put our shopping in our pockets lol

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The buzz is that these habituated deers have been used to being fed by tourists with pellets/feed from vending machines all their lives - and now that there aren't much tourists, they are getting less food and some are getting aggressive. The JT article did not state if the garbage-feeding behavior is comparatively higher now or something recent as a result of the absence of tourists.

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