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Say cheese


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Not an uphill race, an almost vertical downhill slope. The women’s race winner was knocked unconscious.

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They also have a race up the slope.

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Well done, glad to see people getting on with their lives and having fun, got to try this here in Japan but with giant Rice Balls!? it should be fun.

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Japanese team in a cheese race. Could be the beginning of a new trend.

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Not for the fainthearted seriously

Thrills and spills as Cheese Rolling 2023 leads to MULTIPLE injuries in Gloucestershire, UK


Congrates to Ryoya Minani. after winning an uphill race.

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I guess everybody has their own idea of fun, I just wonder why this was chosen as the picture of the day. Maybe because is a light, no so important thing in the middle of much more serious and negative news articles.

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Thanks to itsonlyrocknroll for the video. It looks like race he won had an uphill component to decide starting positions, followed by a downhill run. The guy must have really good balance.

I've been to the Onbashira "log rolling" festival in Suwa and that slope was extremely steep and dusty. You could barely stand on it. The tree trunk itself is pulled and is supposed to slide down a groove-like concave in the middle of the slope. It usually doesn't "roll", the aim is for participants to jump on and ride it. It would be total carnage if the log somehow started rolling horizontally.

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Sadly if he brings it back to Japan it will be confiscated at the port of entry.

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The wheel of Double Gloucester used is 3 to 4 kilos, so not subject to confiscation.

I've come back from the UK with a suitcase half-stuffed with cheese more than once, customs didn't say a thing.

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I have had cheese taken from me at Customs. Christmas pudding was treated with great suspicion, but I got to keep that.

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Speaking of suspicious Customs, a friend in the UK once sent me a tin of treacle. She wrote on the customs form exactly what it was, but the package was ripped apart and put together again, with 'Opened at Customs' tape stuck all over it. For several years after that, every single parcel that friend sent me was opened and inspected by Customs. I don:t know what they thought she was sending me. (Apart from the treacle, it was mostly books)

Cheese, christmas pud, treacle..... the staples of life, viewed with suspicion by Japanese Customs.

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Cheese rolling? I prefer cheese-cutting myself.

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their smiles showed it was a cheesy success.

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Christmas pudding was treated with great suspicion

Did you put it out before attempting to take it through Customs?

Yes, due to the shape, weight and appearance they originally wouldn’t believe it was a pudding, not like purin, therefore not pudding. I tried using the word cake with similar results.

My nephew almost had a toy Sonic Screwdriver confiscated by US Customs, they decided it was a weapon. He had to google it.

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