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Tokyo Gov Naoki Inose, right, speaks during a press conference to announce his resignation at the Tokyo metropolitan government building in Tokyo on Thursday.

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His decision makes sense for him professionally and personally. He will have to take responsibility for whatever mistakes that may have been made. However his issues will continue to be discussed and explored.

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Looks like you won't be going to the Olympics, little grub Inose! Heres hoping Tokyo can find someone competent to fill the position as Governor - someone whose snout is not constantly in the trough.

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He should have resigned quickly instead of dragging this matter out and costing more of the taxpayers' money

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One man looks set to loosen a barrage in his general direction.

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So this fleabag is going, but unfortunately he is not GOING to prison where he belongs.

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nice big heading - saionara

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Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you!

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All that will happen is nothing is put on paper in the future. Why is he not arrested?

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We'll never forget you, Hinode-san!

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See that guy bending over in the front row?

That's you Japan.

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