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Tomoki Kameda, of Japan, enters the ring for his WBO bantamweight title fight against Pungluang Singyu in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Kameda won his second title defense by a knockout.

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scary guy and scary woman.

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scary woman wtf you must be gay!

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Fake Mexican flag?? Fake pro wrestler?? I think this guy is getting a bit CONFUSED between BOXING and PRO WRESTILING or as we call it South of the Rio Grande, LUCHA LIBRE.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Get that Kameda clown out of the way, and get that blonde in the center already!

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Ah, El Mexicanito... This Kameda is the most legit, he actually lived and trained in one of the toughest parts of Mexico City for several years. Fans there love him and he's just returning the respect.

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I got tired of the Kamedas and their Dad way back when they were being marketed as teenagers. I felt bad for them being in the limelight like that, though. Thye've trained hard though, no surprise they are good.

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Pungluang Sor Singyu was ranked #1 in his weight class, but he couldn't match the power of the champion.

My hats off to the champ Tomoki Kameda, it looks like for now that he is the best in his weight class.

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Just saw the fight. His nick name is Mexicanito since its where he learnt how to box. He speaks good Spanish. He knocked out the Thai boxer with a liver shot. Good hand speed. Not bad at all!

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I like boxing and I like Lucha Libre (Mexican Spanish for Pro Wrestling) but not too sure why he is out there with the lucha libre wrestling mask?? Is it an INSULT TO BOXING?? Is it an INSULT to all of Mexico and Mexicans (like the way HOLLAND stole that match in the WC) not too sure, but as long as KAMEDA beat this Thai fighter, well he is the better boxer, so keep on trucking man!

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The most legit of the brothers.

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When is this chump gonna' fight some REAL fighters, and not punks who are on their last legs or sparring partner wannabees?

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