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Schwa-chan is back


Action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, 65, hugs Olympic wrestling champion Saori Yoshida during an event to promote his "comeback" movie, "The Last Stand," at Roppongi Hills on Thursday. Schwarzenegger, who is popularly known as "Schwa-chan" in Japan, praised Yoshida's achievements which he said were an inspiration to young athletes all around the world. He gave her a sheriff's badge and she gave him a kabuto samurai helmet (see photo below). Schwarzenegger, who has been coming to Japan since 1972, said Japanese fans were his most loyal.

This is Schwarzenegger’s first visit to Japan to promote a film since 2003, although he has been back during that time as California governor. He said that he had learned a lot as governor and that it had a big effect on him as an actor. He also said that he intends to stay involved in politics through his USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy which brings together leaders from around the world for brainstorming sessions on political, economic and social issues.

In “The Last Stand,” which opens in Japan on April 27, Schwarzenegger plays the sheriff of a small American town on the Mexican border, caught up in a bloody battle with the leader of a fugitive Mexican drug cartel and his gang. "It's got chase scenes, fight scenes and shootouts from beginning to end," he said. "And for once, I play a vulnerable character."

Schwarzenegger ended the event with his trademark message to Japanese fans: "I'll be back."

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Olympic Wrestlers can really use a hug these days it seems. Together we can squeeze pompousness out of the IOC.

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“And for once, I play a vulnerable character.” I guess he forgot about his time as CA gov.

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He says he learned a lot as governor.

Right, like how to avoid being a dad to the son he had with his housekeeper, and how to bleat "budget crisis" with a funny Austrian accent. Saori might want to run away or risk failing her next steroid test!

Moderator: Please do not post garbage like this.

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Arnold looks great.. I just wish his movie was a better story.. why cant all the great writers.. producers.. sponsors in Japan.. think of a great movie to have Arnold star.. why cant we go beyond senseless violence and cardboard characters.. I love Arnold.. Terminator, Predator, Conan.. so many great films.. but nothing lately.. lets make something great.. where he hunts down Ivory trade.. or goes to China to break up some Triad slave trade... or gets back kidnapped Japanese by North Koreatown.. do something.. get funding that is not from HOllywood and make something great.. he is a global citizen.. not a cartoon.

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Why does only Saori Yoshida show up ? Where is Kaori Icho ?

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Arnie don't hug her too close, she can kick your A..

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how tall is arnie ?

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Arnold looks great.. I just wish his movie was a better story.. why cant all the great writers.. producers.. sponsors in Japan.. think of a great movie to have Arnold star..

The man is 65 years old. He wouldn't be believable as a spry action hero any more. I heard he's working on a new Conan movie depicting the barbarian king in his waning years.

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People nowadays tend to stereotype. By this I'm implying that through cosmetics and or clothing these days, a person can change his or her appearance easily. However what doesn't change is his or her heart and inner personalities. Their mouth forever speaks what lies in the heart. Therefore, external appearance is never a means to judge a person. Inner appearance is what matters the most in one's life. One should never judge a person simply by their external appearance. We appreciate these two prominent celebrities for using their skills, talents and abilities to give back to society and serving mankind. Good luck Sawako and Arnold. We love your smiles and may you continue to have a prosperous and successful career.

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