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Both Japan and California (where I live) are on the Pacific's Rim of Fire, so both have access to geothermal energy for electricity production. However, both do not use their geothermal resources comparably. Whereas Japan has 18 geothermal plants, with 530 Megawatts capacity, California has 43 geothermal plants, with 2,730 Megawatts of capacity. Less than one half of one percent of Japan's electricity is from geothermal sources, while over 5% of California's electricity is from geothermal.

Earth is essentially a molten planet with a thin solid crust at the surface. Some places, such of those on the Rim of Fire, have easier access to the low hanging fruit of geothermal energy than other places. To not access geothermal energy when it is readily available, at a cost and risk factor much less than petroleum, coal, and nuclear energy, is a questionable practice.

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Absolutely, along with solar, wind and wave energy. MITI wanted as much bang for the buck as possible because the govt at the time saw the country as an export production facility, so they went with nuclear power - with no small amount of inducement from the US, of course.

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The country should be using much more geothermal energy.

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