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Sea of flowers


A woman admires Cosmos sulphureus at Hamarikyu Gardens in Tokyo on Monday.

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Ah, that solves a mystery for me. I love cosmos flowers but I'd always assumed they were pink and white, so I was puzzled to see so many orange ones in Japan.

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I like the Cosmos flower and they make for great paintings and photo's.

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Yep, a welcome sign of autumn.

Love the smell of kinmokusei, too, and the sound of the suzumushi.

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Spent half a day there, last October, and it was fabulous. One of my favorite places in Tokyo and only about ten minutes walk from Hammamatsucho station. Very convenient, very picturesque.

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Nice. :)

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Tessa spent my Autumn Equinox in the mountains and came across orange Cosmos Flowers and I have seen pink too!

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