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The lobby of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo is decorated for its annual holiday charity program. The sparkling red display includes 20 heart motifs for the hotel’s 20th anniversary. By sharing their photos of the hotel throughout the holidays, guests can also participate in the SNS charity program using the hashtag #grandlove2023 for a chance to win Christmas dining certificates. Other highlights of the program include Christmas ornaments made using upcycled corks from hotel restaurants and bars, as well as charity hampers containing original products from across the hotel.

Once the #grandlove2023 hashtag reaches 1,000 posts, the hotel pledges to donate 100,000 yen to Kids Earth Fund, a worldwide nonprofit organization which builds educational and medical facilities for children, organizes workshops at nursing homes and makes donations to disaster areas. Besides setting up donation boxes in the lobby, the hotel is also partnering with Re Kikou, a nonprofit organization, to transform recycled hotel corks handmade by people with disabilities, into beautiful ornaments and tiles featuring children’s paintings from Kids Earth Fund. All proceeds from sales of the ornaments will be donated to Kids Earth Fund.

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Giving, receiving, and re-giving add life to our life span. Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Thanksgiving, and such festivities of giving and receiving are meaningful ways of world building.

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For the past several years, it's always been this hotel's Christmas lobby decorations that have been featured here on JT. I know Christmas is more of a fake celebration in Japan, but surely there are other photos worthy of note?

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This particular decoration is a charitable one. It's beautiful and attractive, attractive here meaning it draws people into the display. Some will donate and some will not, but its prepose is to help people. I would donate just because of the effort of the Grand Hyatt to help, especially knowing where the money goes.

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