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Actor Johnny Depp and his fiance Amber Heard attend the Japanese premiere of his new film "Mortdecai" in Tokyo on Tuesday night. Depp arrived 55 minutes late after suffering an unspecified illness which forced the film distributor to cancel his press conference earlier in the day. The film opens in Japan on Feb 6.

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Depp doesn't look too happy, apparently he's just watched his own movie or has seen the box office receipts for it or coming off a night of heavy drinking or all of the above.

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Depp is done. The fork is ready.

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Mr. Depp followed the earlier suggestion. Well done in black, touch of red and Ms. Heard? Muted amber. Now they look the part.

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Lucky Mr Derp. Amber Heard is smoking

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Depp needs to go back to his roots. He's a great actor, but his recent movies stink.

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Those two got together during 'The Rum Diaries', a couple of years ago.

Considering the shades and the downcast expression, maybe Johnno just had a repeat of the opening scene (See http://cdn.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/the-rum-diary-movie-poster-03.jpg)

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Johnny Depp is doing great. He's a talented actor who unlike most actors, takes risks. That's why directors keep hiring him to do their movies. He can take a lousy script and turn it around. If the script is bad, not even his acting will change that. I wonder if any of you were sick, you'd still show up to greet your fans.

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"Johnny Depp is doing great. He's a talented actor who unlike most actors, takes risks." - comments

Thanks for this. Mr. Depp is far more interesting than anything he has ever done. Great talent, great artists can take time to reach great ends. Mr. Depp has a few tricks up his sleeve and we are frightened to find he will blow our minds. Hang on, the ride is just starting.

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rotten tomatoes gives this movie 11% rating

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