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A couple takes a selfie in Odaiba, which is a popular shopping and entertainment area built on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay.

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But there's no swimming allowed at the "beach". the water looks black, and the whole area smells like sewage

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I have never understood the point of that place. It's supposed to resemble a beach, but there's a notice with a long list of warnings telling you about all the beachy things you're not allowed to do due to the dangerously dirty water.

Sentosa in Singapore, which I suspect this place is modeled after, is soooooo much better.

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you used to be able to swim in it about 10 years ago but they took the nets away and no one seems to remember

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So Singapore is better than Tokyo?

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I hate selfies. I always ask someone to take our pic then offer the same courtesy. People look ridiculous taking pictures of themselves.

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