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A boy places his grandmother's vote into a ballot box at a polling station in Tokyo on Sunday.

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Is that even legal? It's cute, for sure, but just a question. Anyway, the only 'message' being sent is that Japan wants more of the same old, same old.

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What are the legalities of that? Surely that vote should be discounted.

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For sure the granny voted not the grandson. It just the little boy who dropped the vote in the ballot box. nothing's wrong I guess.

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the little boy dropping the ballot in should not be legal. i begin to have doubts about ballot stuffing.

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Neither granny nor grandson know anything about voting and legality, pls forgive them :)

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Are you kidding? The grandchild probably voted...

And no, it is not legal. Either is for more than 1 person to enter a polling box at a time, which more than likely happened.

Whatever, whoever wins we are all screwed anyways... ?>

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Anyway, the only 'message' being sent is that Japan wants more of the same old, same old.

Yes, with a big emphasis on the words 'same' and 'old'!

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Come on chaps, since when did encouraging the young to participate in elections be a bad thing? Good on her, and hope he steps up in 19 years time when it is really his turn. Looks like it could be a sub 50% turn out again which is a disaster for democracy, as it would suggest that nothing is wrong, or nothing can be changed!

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Wow. Glad to see that folks here take this seriously. No place for a child at a voting station. More so when said child is probably going to be ticked that granny voted for someone who doesn't give a damn about the state they're going to leave Japan to this child when they are of voting age.

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