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A TV news program showed him surfing. He is more than twice as old as I am, yet has twice the energy I have. How does that work???

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Is he wearing a ZoZo suit? Surfing keeps you young and happy. This is the truth.

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Nice! Use it or lose it.

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Forget Patrick Swayze! Surf's-Up Sano-san!!!

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Good for him. He looks great.

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Well done sir! Previously, Surfing had an image in Japan for being a pot head slacker type of sport and wasn't taken seriously. Have friends who are surfers who used to get harassed by the cops.

Hopefully, this gentleman will help in making surfing a more acceptable sport in Japan. Especially now that he's in the Guiness Book of World Records.

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Inspirational, as I'm approaching 60. Although I can still manage to catch a few waves, there are times when I feel I'm getting too old....but then I remind myself that the Pacific Ocean has more power than I :)

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From the Nature Surfing Products website: Teacher’s Pet

'The Teacher’s Pet is made-to-learn'

'This range of boards is designed by some of the best surf instructors from around the globe. These shapes are designed specifically for first-time surfers to shorten the learning curve.'

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