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Seoul tunes in


People at a train station in Seoul watch a live television program showing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issuing a statement Friday to mark the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender during World War II.

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@hero77, Japan wants to move on, but China and Korea won't let them.

Even if the savagery (Japanese History) is of the past, you need to realize that it’s a present matter if the savagery is justified, denied or downplayed. Learn to accept the past as it is. Learn to be shamful of your parents and grandparents. But, don't dwell on it by trying to change Japanese history/savagery. Japanese must learn to move on...

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@hero77, Japan wants to move on, but China and Korea won't let them.

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japan needs to move on

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I see exactly four people bothering to watch. The rest majority don't care what he says because they already know where he stands.

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It will be correctly interpreted as vague.

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And the vague Japanese language will be misinterpreted again.

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