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Showing Putin a few moves


Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe watch a demonstration of an ancient form of judo at the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo on Friday.

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Hard to believe that moron Mori keeps getting wheeled out for events.

Strapping cardboard to yourself and rolling about? lol

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Don`t forget Mas Oyama system 4th Dan I believe. and to think Putin and Seagal went at it for a little hard core randori.

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What's really funny is that this is a head of State visiting here, and the best they can come up with are those god-awful metal folding chairs for them to sit on. This isn't an elementary school graduation guys. Did they have kerosene heaters blasting in the corner to heat up the room, too? Abe and Mori would have felt right at home. Putin must have been thinking, "I left the Kremlin's posh decor for this?"

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Putin is 8th degree black belt in karate. Is probably board out of his mind. It would be like taking a pro-baseball player and making him watch a softball game (in an uncomfortable cold metal chair to boot).

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Judo was invented in the late 1880s, so you gotta wonder how authentic or relevant this performance is.

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They should have held a friendly event and invited Putin to spar, if he wanted. That would have been fun. As for these guys, while I think it's great Putin visited and got involved in some real cultural exchange, how often do Judoka actually spar in samurai armor, cardboard or not? It is ridiculous, and completely unnnecessary. Why didn't they also shower them with cherry blossoms, autum leaves, cicada "showers", and have the floor lined with sushi at the same time? I think he gets he's looking at traditional Japanese culture without the samurai costumes.

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