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Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force soldiers rappel from UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters during an annual training session near Mount Fuji at Higashifuji training field in Gotemba, west of Tokyo, on Tuesday.

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yeah! Right Japan show them all you have balls of steel!

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Steel of heart. Oh wait!

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One simple training mission = 78 meetings, 3,548 emails, 23,678 total man hours and 291 days to plan...

J version of a Rapid Response...

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Is this the war of terror we need to support?

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I feel safer already.

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There are 148,000 soldiers in the GSDF and there is no national service in Japan, therefore they are full-time professionals. Also, Japan does not herd young unemployed into military service like the U.S. Despite all the bitchy GI Joe handbag-throwing comments above, you don't seriously believe that a country such as Japan would not have a serious defence force? The British, despite their reputation, only have 138,000 soldiers and that includes territorials.

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They do this every year on the same weekend, I went to event and the one last year... I was a little too close to the firing tanks :)

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the title of this article seems like a kind of propaganda aimed at inciting military action.

these people are simply training.

Welcome to Japan Today my friend. A little bit like a cross between the National Enquirer, The Sun newspaper, and Readers Wives....

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The SDF i've met are well-spoken, polite, friendly, aren't the types people steer clear of when they go out drinking etc. For decades in japan there was a stigma in being in the SDF, but slowly but surely that risen in stature with the people. They did great work during the earthquake and do a good job overseas even though they have to put up with snide remarks about having to be protected by other troops.

Good people. And like the military of the US, some people like to criticize them, but in an emergency they're the ones who put their lives on the line, and it's their wives and kids who get nervous when things heat up between countries while others have the privilege of just commenting. Good pic.

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There's a lot of folks out there who like to slate the SDF, but usually it seems to come from those who wouldn't put on the uniform for their own country. I respect anyone who voluntarily chooses a career path that involves doing all the dirty work in disaster situations at home and abroad.

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The SDF I've met have all been pretty down to earth/cool guys. A few of them had kind of a "old boys club" mentality to them and were a little rude to the ladies. But that happens in just about every country's military.

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All members of the SDF are "special civil servants" who can resign any time they want to.

They also have to work until they are 62 or 65 years old to receive any retirement, 20 year retirement doesn't exist. They are also subject to Japanese criminal prosecution regarding "on-duty / in the performance of duty" related incidents, two things that are definitely different from the U.S.

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Those two helicopters are about to mate, dragonfly style...

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swing like monkeys!!

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