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Squirrels can climb walls, and walk electric lines

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@Charlie Sommers.

Thanks for your kind words, Charlie. Hedgehog food goes out each evening for the local hogs (now hibernating). Wood mice use it to fill their larders, dodging any feral cats. Cat generally don't eat it, but will if they are desperate. A fox has started to visit regularly too. I would encourage people to leave fresh water out all year round, especially in very cold weather, as natural water sources freeze.

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taking time for a snack before a long winter’s sleep

According to the Asahiyama Zoo, this species called Ezo squirrels lives in Hokkaido and does not hibernate, but are mainly active in the early morning. They change their gray-brown winter fur around autumn.

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You are thoughtful and kind GBR48. I hate to see a hungry animal of any kind in cold weather. Feed them and good Karma will come your way.

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Adorable. Excellent photo. I used to hand feed wild squirrels at uni. One has been hanging upside down on the bird feeder to raid peanuts this week. I must get a squirrel-friendly feeder.

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Not so ‘nuts’@K3PO. It appears the little guy’s just a little stiff so he’s just trying to keep his nuts warm.

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It’s nuts that squirrels store food for winter.

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Great photo & composition! He’s bristling from the cold but taking time for a snack before a long winter’s sleep.

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