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Sidewalk Santas


Tourists from Japan pose next to Santas who were marching through Midtown Manhattan during the Volunteers of America's 110th Annual Sidewalk Santa Parade in New York on Friday. In what has now become an annual tradition, over 50 fully suited Volunteers of America's Sidewalk Santas take to the streets of Manhattan the morning after Thanksgiving to raise money for those in need.

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I hope they gave generously.

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I hope they gave generously to all (!)

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The tourist in the middle apparenty doesn't know how to do the V sign.

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They shouldn't have all these Santas converging like this - when kids see this, some of them will figure out Santa isn't real, like I did. Kinda ruined Christmas for me that year.

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Somewhat agree. Ran into this today with my 6 year old and was stumbling for an explanation. His question to me was rather or not they ALL knew if he has been bad or good ;)

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NYC - I hope you told your boy to be good for goodness sake! Otherwise those Santas will put coal in his stocking!

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