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Silver pair


Narumi Takahashi and Mervin Tran of Japan compete in the the pairs free program during the Cup of Russia figure skating competition in Moscow on Saturday. They won the silver medal, while Russia’s Yuko Kavagut and Alexander Smirnov took the gold.

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Very flexible!

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Lucky old Mervin!

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may be this is an optical illusion..............her feet don't look " right "

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that's just the pantyhose stretched over the skating boots...

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Yes I was fortunate to see some of the above skating & it was darn good. You had to injoy it for the gals proved they are loaded with flex, but then so are the men.

It is sort of like "Can you Dance America" to "Can you dance Canada". Some lousy claimed best dancer in the city only they are soon washed away. It really becomes exciting in tap to ballet to you name if of the best of dancing in the last 10 or so to the finish. For these are the young 6 to 11 year old youngsters suffered through all the teaching at the vaious Dance Schools ONLY now in their 20s.

The above dancers are the best 2 hours of dancing every two weeks & forget about all the other programs knowing some of these will be our future dancers in musicals & such.

Yes some of the advertising people have hired them so money in their pocket which is finally paying off for those learning.

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Great picture! Often, the make up and stiff smiles detract from the overall loveliness, but this is nice. I bet Mervin Tran wasn't offered a few hundred thousand yen and a flight ticket in return for his passport.

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Love the purple outfit. Very elegant.

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Great photo and really nice looking girl.

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