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Singing toilets


A woman walks past a choir of toilets that sing to thank visitors for putting in the effort of trying to learn more about what is normally a taboo topic of sitting on them, at an exhibition titled "Toilet !? Human Waste and Earth's Future" at the Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo on Thursday. The exhibition explores the world of toilets, with the main exhibit centering around a massive toilet into which visitors are allowed to slide to simulate the journey of human waste matter into the sewers. The exhibit also includes five zones that range from showing how different types of toilets are used around the world, and even a possible space toilet that could be used to grow plants. The exhibit is open until October 5 and costs 1,200 yen to visit.

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The exhibit is open until October 5 and costs 1,200 yen to visit. ...that cost might cause constipation.

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I could help their performance with some bass, but getting the timing right is difficult.

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Someone with an anal obsession - GROW UP

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The exhibit is open until October 5 and costs 1,200 yen to visit.

Only those flush with cash will be able to afford such a price.

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I've heard of spending a penny, but 1,200 yen ?!

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What I want to know: is the sewage slide for kids only? Or can grown ups take the trip down the toilet hole, too?

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Video with more details and visitors talking about becoming feces:


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do the songs use the words"sit on my face"?

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Kids would love it. A niece of mine used to wave her hand to her waste saying "bye bye..." before her mother flushes

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I'm not flush enough to pay a ticket to Tokyo.

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Toilets never moan about their seats being up or down. They are very tolerant and deserve ¥ 1,200 of anyone's money.

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This is taking kawaii just a bit too far!

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Toilet!? Human Waste and Earth’s Future

I believe that I would save my 1200 yen for something a bit more interesting than this.

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It costs 600 yen for general admission to Miraikan, which is included in the 1,200 yen special exhibit fee. So if you're also interested in the other exhibits there, the human waste journey is only an extra 600!

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Considering that JPY 1000 bill has the same kind of cost-performance value of USD 5.00 bill.... then the JPY 1200 is not that expensive.

JPY 1000 is the average cost for lunch... here in Tokyo... So you people should not be so alarmed.

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