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Very odd. He could be hungover or severely depressed. With jumping on to train track suicides a daily occurrence in Tokyo, I hope he is not thinking about that.

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Maybe he dropped 1 yen, bent down to pick it up and then thinking to himself "I might as well take the opportunity to get some shuteye". Clever guy.

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Nervous breakdown? I see this from time to time...

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In addition to taking a photograph and publishing it in the national media, I hope someone approached the man to see if he was OK.

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I would say he's using his smart phone or tablet.

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More people should do this rather than just walk around aimlessly.

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Honestly, I take the train daily to work and back and see this often. From the looks of his shoes he is sleeping. He is either exhausted from work or hung-over.

I work late daily and I'm on the train around 12:00am-1:00am, I see the night side of Japan with salary men/women coming home late on the last train, I also see the drunks who appear to be able to drink every evening. It's certainly a different light to the morning trains I used to go on.

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Dil ka haal soone dil walla ( Only a person of heart will listen to the plight of this man )

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Sit and "think"? Maybe more like sit and "sleep"....

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I think his behavior expresses a situation of workers who have to work on holidays in Japan. Many workers have to do to make their living, on the other hand, some workers are enjoying their holiday with no fear for salary which they use in everday life.

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This is obviously a good picture, as it invokes conversation, which shows different people's thoughts on what's going on in the picture.

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It's a modern day Rodin moment, isn't it?

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Great news title. An invitation to humbly think. Anyway a brave gesture of someone who wants to communicate with some other human being. Hope that he found a merciful soul to share this lonely moment of his life.

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