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Skateboarding toward Tokyo


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So, this picture is taken in Rome yesterday?

So sport events in Italy are allowed with spectators?

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Yes, with severe limitations on the number of spectators. They must have a negative buffer and at least the first dose of vaccine. At the moment in Italy there are 40% of people with a first dose and 20% with the second dose. The situation is slowly going better however we have had 126,000 deaths.

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What irony, seeing Japan has been basically at war with skateboarders for decades and is one of the most restrictive countries regarding skateboarding.

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Nice! Many parks in Tokyo have good skateboard areas.

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Frontside board slide.

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Nice! Many parks in Tokyo have good skateboard areas.

Actually, most prohibit it. Komazawa park and Setagaya are about the only two that come to mind. Should hopefully be a lot more as Japan as high hopes for lot of medals at the Olympics.

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I would like to see this young person wearing elbow and knee protection. In some countries in Europe skateboarding outside strictly controlled areas is illegal.

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Many parks in Tokyo have good skateboard areas.

Many areas of public and private property now have skateboard scratch marks now too.

Hope the event faceplants.

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I think the Olympic skateboard event should consist of holding a regulated size and weight skateboard in one hand while cycling, swimming then running.

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Many parks in Tokyo have good skateboard areas.

There are precious few parks in Tokyo, and almost none have skateboard areas.

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Yes such irony japan hate skaters and many sign are put on the streets saying no skating allowed here,

BMXers got it worse they can only ride the streets and grind rails at night because in the day time its just to jammed crowded and hard to find any dedicated skate parks like you would find any city in the USA.

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