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A woman watches artists at work on a street in Tokyo.

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invading privacy (!)

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How is it private when they are out on a public street?

I love looking at what people are drawing when they're outside like this.

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Hobbyists, not artists.

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I really really really wish I could draw. When God was giving out the artistic genes I think he just looked at me and laughed!

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Painting en plein air is liberating, but comments are distracting...

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I have a high regard to someone who can create something from nothing. They keep our life very interesting as always.

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Maybe the woman sitting down is actually looking at a Keiba guide and the woman looking over her shoulder is trying to get a few good tips!

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They must be painting...hmmm...what could it be? Sky Tree???

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Sketching is a great hobby. It costs next to nothing, and I still hold out hope that someday I'll be able to sell one of my great sketches for a handsome price!

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Amen, Serrano. It's not only older people who are outside sketching, though they seem to have more free time naturally -- I've plenty of younger illustrator and designer friends who have their sketchbooks wherever they go, ready at hand. Maybe one of us has even sketched some of you, unbeknowst to either party!

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Nice to see some older folks spending time doing what they enjoy. I wonder what they were drawing?

Nicky, LOL! For me, when I tried to draw, God looked at my art? ...laughed.....and then took back any artistic genes that he may have given me by accident. Nowdays, when I do try to sketch something, the only thing I can draw is.......criticism (T_T)

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