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A view from the 450-meter observation deck at Tokyo Skytree. In the photo below right, you can see Tokyo Dome in the lower left.

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In the photo below right, you can see Tokyo Dome in the lower left.

I doubt Tokyo Dome can be seen in this photo. All I see is a view over Sumida-ku with the shadow of the Skytree and, over the Sumida gawa, to the left a partial view of Taito-ku (Asakusa area). The Tokyo Dome is in Bunkyo-ku which is several kms away from any place shown in this photo.

Moderator: Tokyo Dome can be seen in the second photo.

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What, no Fuji pic!?

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Nice view

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Views from the Sky Tree is boring. All shaby small housings sprawling below. It was built at a place so called "shitamachi" working class people's areas of Tokyo while the old Tokyo Tower which stand amid the central part of Tokyo is great surrounded by high rise modern buildings with fine view of Tokyo Bay.

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@yabaru I don't like heights either. I'm not native and not familar with the word "ain't". Is it negative? If so, do you mean he is not nuts?

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Buildings are so small

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As always, I'm most struck by the abundant green space in Japanese cities.

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The husband of one of my nieces worked on the SkyTree 足場, putting up scaffolding up to the top. He showed us a picture of himself at the very top, ........aint no way, dude is nutts!

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The world's largest sundial

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