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A kamome bullet train awaits departure at Nagasaki Station in Kyushu. The new JR Nishi Kyushu line began operating in September utilizing the latest N700S carriages, and makes short work of the journey to and from Takeo Onsen in neighboring Saga Prefecture, reaching a top speed of 260 km per hour.

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She sure looks sleek!

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As sleek as it looks, the trip to Hakata only shaves off about 15 minutes of the time from the previous kamome & the ride is almost twice the price. Also, have to change trains once. Pretty much useless

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Nice! aerodynamic! looks comfortable on the inside

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Beautiful, aerodynamic, confortable, fast, efficient, clean, safe..

Of couse, it's Japan's 新幹線..

Best of the world..


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those seats look hard....the seats from hakata to kagoshima are rock solid....why?

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reaching a top speed of 260 km per hour.

Best of the world..

The top operational speed of the Chinese HSTs is 350 (tested to 420). This train "Best of the world" is far from it -- maybe 20 years ago, yes, but as usual, Japan is stagnating.

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@zoroto -- China had top GDP growth rate too. Good?

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Wonderful engineering.

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I wish we had bullet trains in the US. This is the only major country without them. One of the disadvantages of allowing corporations to buy politicians.

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