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Slow signs of a rebound some day?

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Looking at the restaurants in my town this week and there has been little change since last week. I wonder if tonight will be the big rebound.

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it only started on Monday.......this weekend will be a bit busier I suspect. It was easy to get a reservation last night for one of our favourite restaurants for tonight, which was unusual pre-covid......unless we wanted to eat at some crazy time such as 10pm

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Here in what many consider 'the countryside' - life is beginning a return to normal - business is increasing in small cafes & restaurants along with the many various shops. Mostly local and long term customers. Auumn has always been a good season for business on all levels. Winter sees a drop-off, but perhaps this year into next, folks will go out and support local industry.

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Whoa, that dude is RED.

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back to the 7pm meetings and drinking with the same people you spent the tiring day with. No thanks

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I still see Japanese swapping one Gyoza then wearing mask then swallowing another then wearing mask. Not polite but irritating.

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PLEASE make sure thing's are safe.

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Things are not returning to "normal". Sure- SOME people will come back to izakayas but I think for the most part the damage is done. outdoor dining may have taken a considerably permanent hard hit. Not to mention the waitresses have moved on to other Jobs so I personally think this is all hype. the restaurants and bars in my area are for the most part empty.

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A semblance of 'normal' - within surviving businesses. It is evident within the downtown and traditional district that customers are returning and there has been an upturn - this in conversation with small, independent business owners and is evident observing the downtown.

However, this is not a large urban area, though it had an increasing dependence on Chinese tourists. There was a concerted corporate effort by large entities to capitalize on an influx of Chinese and shift to industrial tourism. This was purposeful and funded thru acquisition of large loans to construct hotels that now impinge on the downtown. That was flattened out by the pandemic.

Now, it resembles ten years ago, when domestic tourism was a mainstay and there was not a flood of foreign tourists from the Asian mainland. Such is sustainable and the small, independent, businesses of that period remain. Those businesses served the local population and a smattering of tourists. There is a heavy turnover in waitstaff, as most are university students - though most cafes with long term employees have retained teir services, this however is among very small restaurants & cafes..

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Business is evolving with more automated service at supermarket/convenience stores, delivery dining, and the workforce shifting to other jobs with less face time with the same people all day or starting their own business.

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