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People walk around candles covered in traditional Japanese paper and bearing messages from residents in the Tohoku area, which was devastated by last year's earthquake and tsunami, at the "Smile for Japan" event at Tokyo Midtown on Friday night. The event, which used about 3,500 candles, was organized to pray for the reconstruction of Tohoku. It will continue until Sunday night.

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Beautiful! So let's smile for Japan!!

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Nice event to attract shoppers to Midtown, but how much does it do for the people of Tohoku? Were the candles made there? If we think about the slow reconstruction process, many people still in temporary housing and the ongoing nuclear crisis, is this something we should "smile" about and go on our merry way?

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Wonderful! So nice to see this!!

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Very poignant ! ------------------Japanese have a profoundly tender way to express hope amid sorrow

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Why not send the money they spend on this to those poor people? Talking about wrong priority!

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Nice event to attract shoppers to Midtown, but how much does it do for the people of Tohoku?

Well first it keeps Tohoku in people's minds and awareness of continued national and international support. Second there is a photographic display there until Sunday, run by the following NPO. http://photohoku.org/jp/ They go to affected areas every month and take family shots for those who lost their photos and albums in the tsunami. They make albums for them and also give them used cameras donated by the public.

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My prayers go up continually for those who lost so much in this devastating earthquake and tsunami. Had I still been in Japan when this disaster hit, I would have been stranded in Tokyo for a couple of days, and many of my friends did lose people. Good to see this memorial.

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maybe the best way to do it is to donate a portion of the sale of those candles to the people in Tohoku

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