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A group of Japanese and foreign visitors pose for photos in front of the Kaminarimon Gate, the first main entrance gate to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo.

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The two in the center with the obi wrapped around; they're both a bit high. Especially the guy's. The Japanese feel, I believe is a little lower. A little on the bone. Still, looks pretty good. A young Clark Kent. Hope they're all enjoying the visit.

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Sensoji is such spiritual place.

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I love sensouji... but if I'd seen that lot hanging about I'd have left and come back another day.

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That's the biggest lantern I've ever seen.

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Some good izakaya in Asakusa. Go there in your shorts and t-shirt.

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Don't forget 31 August is the Akasaka Samba Festival. The expected turnout is huge this year. http://www.asakusa-samba.org/

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I'm grateful that modern technology is able to give such detailed images, since sadly I don't think I will ever be able to afford a trip to Japan.

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@Ex Animo: The top letter on the lantern isw kaminari (thunder) Bottom letter is Mon (gate). The kanji characters of Sensoji: Sen is Asa. So is kusa. Ji is tera. Very very old temple.

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I shot a fabulous wedding there, in June, and it's on my itinerary for October. when I treat my daughter to her first visit. I can't get enough of Japan.

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I wish I could visit Asakusa in the 1920s. The most exciting time to visit that part of Tokyo.

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Sensoji is such spiritual place.

Yes, it is, once you fight your way past all the street sellers and tourist touts.

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The best way to get there is to go to the Hanode pier (right off the Yamanote line) and take the river tour right to Asakusa.

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I was there!!! on May 2011 when I went to visit Japan... I just chose "at random" a temple near a station, I think that in summer it is nicer!

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One of THE pictures everyone takes when visiting Tokyo.

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