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Snow monkeys


Snow monkeys enjoy the onsen at Jigokudani Monkey Park in Shiga Kogen, Nagano Prefecture.

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Not offten I think much of JTs pic of the day, but this one is special.

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Even monkeys in Japan look so depressed. Good picture though.

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"Even monkeys in Japan look so depressed"

What do you expect, the monkeys are in Jigokudani ( Hell Dust Mite ) Monkey Park!

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Oh Sarge, what a bloomer. Jigokudani = Hell Valley(谷), not dust mite(壁蝨, but usually written in kana)!

Is that someone's foot tucked under the monkey-chan's left armpit?

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I've heard that many monkeys lately have pollen/hay fever as almost same as people, so monkeys like to dip in onsen to cure allergy.

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Cleo - Hell Valley, eh? And yes, that's someone's foot tucked under that armpit. What else could it be?

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The pic's completely overexposed, but it's a great place to visit! I went there just before new year and it was an interesting area!

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It seems that monkeys are now taking rest in onsen before go to villages and loot food from lands.

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I bet they don't enjoy getting out of the onsen soaking wet to get food.

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Hell Dust Mite


The pic's completely overexposed

It can be difficult to get a good photo, because of the steam....

It is a great place to visit, though - went there in 1998 and again on New Year's Day 2006, when it was covered in snow and the closer car park was closed, so we had to hike from the upper one. We were staying in Yudanaka Onsen, which is really nice and has a rather cool barrier-free ryokan: http://www.avis.ne.jp/~hakura/


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Cool pic! I was there last week to see them and they're amazing! When they're not in the onsen (there's hundreds of them) they run around your feet, sit really close to you, and are completely unfazed by your presence. I even got touched by one or two. Such an awesome experience! Highly recommended!

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My favorite monkeys. Thanks for the photo.

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