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This snow and ice sculpture, which depicts the mythology of Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture, is part of the Sapporo Snow Festival at Odori Park in Sapporo. The festival closes on Monday.

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I'm guessing it's pretty big, going by the small piece of railing bottom left. My hat goes off to the sculptor(s) - if they've run out of the white stuff, just pop over to New York...

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Had the pleasure of visiting this festival about thirty years ago. It was spectacular ! Hope to do it again someday !

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Incredible ! Beautiful.!

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Really, really should go and see this in the flesh myself one year!

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If you're going to Sapporo to see the snow festival, and you are coming from somewhere where the roads are not covered in snow and ice, here's a good hint.

Put on footwear that has traction. In many places the roads are covered with ice.

And if you don't want to buy boots just for a few days in Sapporo, go to a 100 yen shop and get a pair of socks a few sizes bigger than you need and PUT THEM ON OVER YOUR SHOES.

OK, so it's not a fashion statement, but you'll stop slipping and sliding!

Believe me, it works!

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The detail is Amazing...Wow! is right...

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Boston would be better (2-3 ft of snow! )

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Another bit worth seeing - really a fantastic event!


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The best part is watching them knock down the ice sculptures, which they're doing as I type.

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