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Snowed in


Members of the Ground Self-Defense Force and locals inspect at a tunnel blocked by snow from an avalanche at Hinohara in the western part of the Tokyo metropolitan region, on Monday night. Heavy snow hit Tokyo and other parts of eastern Japan over the weekend, leaving 19 people dead, hundreds of thousands of households without electricity, and many communities cut off.

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Or... we could make a snow fort and have for a day.

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Cool pic

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That's abominable snow, maaan!

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good pic. symptomatic of Japan. Lots of dudes standing around sucking tetth and going "so desu ne"....

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Oh, come on, SmaraiBlue, it'll melt before April! Nah, I'm dreaming. They'll dig it out of there in no time and ruin all the fun (and comments).

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It probably would but I don't think people on the other side wants to wait till the end of April.

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Hope there's nobody under there.

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It will eventually melt.

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