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A man shovels away the snow near a nuclear plant in Takahama, Fukui Prefecture, on Thursday.

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Snow is good. But now we're going to hear numerous comments that the radioactivity will melt the snow...

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A man shoveling snow. Excitement city!

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"What does shoveling snow have to do with proximity to a "nuclear plant" I wonder? this snow is nothing compared to Hokkaido."

2 things! the Hokuriku area (which Fukui is part of) gets MORE snow than Hokkaido. Everyone thinks that Hokkaido has so much snow because it up norht. Please come to Ono city in Fukui. We got 108 cm in 48 hours! Look it up. Nagano (in Hokuriku area) actually holds a few records like most snow fall in a 24 hours period, and most accumulated snow on the ground. Hokkaido is colder for sure, but we get FAR MORE SNOW!

and the main article today is about "Nuclear Ally" which in Fukui, so that is probably why they threw in that part about being near a nuclear power plant.

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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/What is the image conveys a sense of tranquility

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After many years of snow shoveling, I can say that his back is going to feel it.

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I love snow ! ! ! ! ! Don't touch the yellow snow !!!!!!!

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What does shoveling snow have to do with proximity to a "nuclear plant" I wonder?

this snow is nothing compared to Hokkaido.

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hey! thumbs down me because all I did was post facts. not a single word of my above post was opinion.

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Oh I thought he was squashing a gaint flea

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No snow blow fo' glowing snow?

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It seems that yellow snow showels are very popular this year as opposed to the more beautiful purple ones of last year. I wonder what the trend will be next year.

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Oh look his shovel is yellow - must be the radiation, we are all going to die...

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That shovel looks ridiculously disproportionate to the rest of the guy

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Me want snow!!

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After spending eight years in Syracuse, NY where you can go from clear sky to white-out lake-effect snow in 100 yards, I can honestly say that I've had enough snow to last a lifetime. Feel free to take ALL the snow, Japan!

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I wonder how many microsieverts/hr are in that snow? Even more than that I wonder about Tokyo and further north. The snow stays there on the ground for much longer.

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